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Confluence at Catharine Clark Gallery in the exhibition, White House


I’m very honored to be exhibiting my video, Confluence (All the Nations of the Earth), in the group exhibition, White House, at Catharine Clark Gallery in SF, featuring new and recent work by Chester Arnold, Sandow Birk, Al Farrow, Michael Hall, Deborah Oropallo and Andy Rappaport, and Stephanie Syjuco. The expansive presentation – which encompasses the main galleries, as well as the media and viewing rooms – considers the impact of institutional power on our civic consciousness, while offering space to critically reflect upon the “iconic” structures and symbols associated with American democracy.

May 18 – June 22, 2019

My video, Confluence (All the Nations of the Earth) (2017), explores how nation-states define sovereignty through their most iconic symbols: their flags. Hall’s animated video montage depicts the flags of the 241 countries and territories recognized by the United Nations as they dissolve and amalgamate with one another, forming a polychromatic, hybridized flag of “all nations.” Amidst increased isolationism and reactive nationalism, the abstracted design distorts any simplistic national ensigns, while suggesting the complexities inherent to globalism.